Newspapers, gossip and coffee-house culture

Article written by: Matthew White Taken from The British Library Available under the Creative Commons License Matthew White explains how the coffee-house came to occupy a central place in 17th and 18th-century English culture and commerce, offering an alternative to rowdy pubs and more formal places of business and politics. The drinking of coffee is […]

The magic of Barcelona’s Els Quatre Gats Café

The convergence of art, cultural and historic bourgeoisie can be found at Barcelona’s Els Quatre Gats Café. Founded in 1897 and revived in 1903 by the friendly and vivacious Pere Romeu, its bohemian spirit started when owners offered good food for low prices to friends only of course. The eclecic architectural style of the modernist […]

Historical Café #2: El Fishawy

El Fishawy Historical Cafe

At 60-years-old, Akram el-Fishawy s the seventh generation of his family to run he El Fishawy coffee house. El-Fishawy first opened its doors in 1797, only a year before Egypt was invaded by Napoleon Bonaparte. The café is named after the man who founded it, though his first name is lost to history.  Al-Fishawy started serving […]

Historic Café #3: Caffè Baratti & Milano

Historical cafe baratti milano

Don’t let the quaint size of this Café fool you, Barrati and Milano are taking the lead with bronze statues, gorgeously draped windows, setting the tone for the beautiful town of Torino, Italy. A reflection of Italian luxury and elite architecture from the 19th century, its pristine preservation of gilded upholstery, wooden panelling, and green […]

Historical Cafe #7: Confeitaria Colombo

Get lost in the stained-glass ceiling of Confeitaria Colombo, Rio’s most historical coffee house. Founded in 1894 by Portuguese immigrants Joaquim Borges de Meireles and Manuel José Lebrão, the masterpiece is a resounding time capsule dating back to the city’s belle époque. This Brazilian take on European grand cafés is a symbol of a time […]

Historical Café #9: Queen’s Lane

Queen’s Lane coffee house predates the naming of New York, the Great Plague and the Fire of London. Self-acclaimed to be the oldest café in Europe, it all started in 1654 when Cirques Jobson started selling the then-exotic drink on the streets of Oxford. This coffee house was founded just as coffee was creeping into […]

Historical Café #10: Caffè Florian

Florian Cafe Historical

In Venice, drinking an espresso is not just a simple part of your daily routine like driving to work or turning on your laptop. In Venice, coffee drinking is a ritual consecrated in time. Here the action of coffee drinking is a ceremony, and a coffee house is the holy sanctuary in which it takes […]