Best historical café in Luxembourg- Café Ennert de Steiler

Steiler historical cafe

Luxembourg is known for a lot of very glitzy things that come with being a very posh tax haven. The city has a very old and elaborate history predating Roman times all the way back to 963. In the midst of the old town of Luxembourg is the “Ennert de Steiler”, the best historical café […]

Best Historical Café in Istanbul : Mehmet Efendi

Mehmet Fendi best historical

The bustling city where East meets West is none other than Istanbul. It rests on the remnants of an empire of pride and culture. The Turkish coffee brewing method was invented here, as coffee is often known as an excuse for great conversation. The city’s best historical café was a difficult choice to make due […]

Best historical café in Ireland-The Brazen Head

brazen head historical cafe

Dublin’s unique historic track record is a phenomenon of its own. Now it has a time capsule in the form of “The Brazen Head”,the best historical café in Ireland. Founded in as early as 1198, it is by far one of the oldest in the world. Although it wasn’t fully functional until later in 1754 […]

Best Historical Café in Greece- Café Ermis

Exterior cafe ermis

The region of Mytilene in Greece has yet another accolade to add to its cultural history. A combination of flavors, coffee and history makes this choice is easy for us at ECAL. Thes best historical café in Greece goes to Café Ermis, which is Greek for the God Hermes. Founded in 1800 , it has […]

Best Historical Café in Madrid- Gran Café de Gijón

historical cafe madrid

Madrid is known for many Spanish cultural focal points such as tapas, football and food. Its rich history has also preserved Café Gijón, Madrid’s best historical café. With its classic front terrace on the Paseo and its rich historical legacy dating from 1888, Café Gijón has a lot to offer historical coffee snobs and pastry […]

Best Historical Café in London- Jamaica Wine House

historical cafe london

Over the course of time, London has become the world’s cultural superhighway. From theatres in London’s West End to old breweries, pubs and cafés, the city boasts historical landmarks that have stood the test of time. Café ECAL awards London’s best historical café to The Jamaica Wine House, known to locals as “Jampot”. London’s most […]

Best Historical Café in Paris- Café de Flore

best historical cafe flore

The historical café competition in Paris is fierce. Cafés where the greats such as Sartre have sipped their inspiration for their best work is abundant in the city of love, croissant and coffee. We explore Café de Flore which is arguable one of the best historical cafés in Paris. Founded in the 1880s, it remains […]

Best Historical Café in Poland- Jama Michalika

Jama Michalika Exterior

In the historic city of Krakow lies Poland’s best historical café, Jama Machlika. It has survived hundreds of years of turmoil and drastic political change in the narrow street called Floriańska. Founded in 1895, it is dubbed the moust famous art Café where local cabaret began. Best Historical Café- Michalik’s Cave Jama Machalika means “Michalik’s […]

Best Historical Café in Malta – Caffe Cordina

best historical malta

Malta has become a booming tourist destination in the Mediterranean, attracting an average of 2.6 million tourists a year. The historical significance of the growing country along with a beautiful beach line is what attracts visitors from all over the world. It’s no wonder it also hosts the best historical café of Malta- Caffe Cordina. […]

Best Historical Café in Croatia – Lvxor Kavan Café and Restaurant

best historical cafe Croatia

Croatia is known as the site and back drop of historical shoots in popular culture such as Game of Thrones. The city of Split specifically has the tourism to show for its increased popularity. Named after the Egyptian City of Luxor, Café Luxor Kavan in Split is Croatia’s best historical café. Croatia’s best historical café […]