Membership Rules and Criteria

Become a member of ECAL and join a community of professionals passionate about coffee history and competing for the title of best historical café.

To apply for membership, you must:

  • Be the owner of a coffee house with a valid operating licence as a coffee house since its opening.
  • Have been operating the establishment as a coffee house without repurposing or changing objectives since the creation of the coffee house.
  • Have signature products which promote the local culture and history of your coffee house and its traditions.
  • Be located in a historical building or city centre and must have preserved the historical nature, décor and character of your establishment.
  • Have a website and presence on social media.
  • Have an active presence in your local social and cultural scene.
  • Organise and host cultural, musical, culinary or literary events which promote the historic coffee house culture and the local history of your home city.

Application to become a member of ECAL

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