Places where you can get original Yemeni coffee delivered straight to your door

Historical coffee yemen

On our mission to preserve historical values of coffee and tradition, we wanted to aggregate all the suppliers where you can get coffee from the birthplace of coffee-Yemen. Although it is long contested debate as to where coffee was really born, between the original plant from Ethiopia or the port of M in Yemen, what remains certain is the initial monopoly held by Yemeni farmers.

Al Aqeeq Yemen coffee importers

The platform was built by two brothers from Yemen living in Houston. They managed to convince Yemeni farmers to stop growing the narcotic shrub called Khat and instead produce coffee beans. The narcotic shrub is considered a Schedule 1 psychoactive drug is consumed by 90% of men in Yemen.

Instead of perpetuating poverty, they gave farmers new hope to produce plants that trace back to their roots. The goal is to turn up sales volumes for the highly regarded Yemeni coffee to remove any narcortic-bearing Khat shrubs and replace the with coffee plants.

Fatemi Coffee

The Fatemi online shop boasts a wide collection of roasted coffee bean bags from the Haraaz region in Yemen of course. Their goal is to have follow a social responsibility model for the socio-economic development of Haraaz and to restore a healthy agricultural force to the region. That includes paving roads to coffee farms, water treatment and even building hospitals or providing new sources of educations.

So if you buy from Fatemi Coffee, you’re doing a lot of good.

Al Mockha Port

The coffee guru of YemenMokhtar Alkhanshali is a San Francisco native who went back to his homeland to motivate farmers to invest in farming coffee beans once more. He risked his life, dodged bullets and escaped Yemen with 2 suitcases of coffee from the farms he visited during the 3 years he was in Yemen. He took a boat for 7 hours to escape Yemen to Djibouti where he flew to the US just to reveal his coffee to the SCAA in Seattle. The coffee received a 90+ during a blind cupping , beating many world-renowned farms. Al Mockha’s coffee is pricey but perfect and any coffee enthusiast needs to try it.

A quick history

Coffee in Yemen started in the 15th century when the Sufi monks needed to stay awake for prayers. They started drinking it , cultivating and trading it in the port of Mockha. Legends say that coffee has been written about for about 1200 years. The port town struggled for centuries to keep the coffee plant exclusive to them to monopolize the market, but eventually a Dutch trading company got their hands on it. Coffee was then spread around the world and became famous in Europe in the 1700s.

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