Best Historical Café in Switzerland- Confiserie Schiesser

best historical Schisser

Basel has a champion for the best historical café in Switzerland- the Confiserie Schiesser. Established in 1870 and located in the heart of the town marketplace, this gem is serving up some serious pastries. Founded by Rudolf Schiesser , the promising confectioner already understood the potential for the perfect patisserie in the middle of the market.

Best historical tearoom and café

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The café is predominantly a tearoom which serves a historical meeting point for the locals and for tourists wandering the historic neighbourhood. Everyone from politicians to locals frequent the café to indulge in the culinary craftsmanship behind the pastries.

A location gold mine

The busy marketplace was a perceived gold mine for founder Rudolf Schiesser and opened his confectionery in 1870 in Marketplatz 15. The café has survived the test of time even when the marketplace was given a new urban feel after World War II.

What’s more, transformed into a jewel , an upgrade from its previous deteriorating state. There are now architectural influences like Emanuel La Roche-Heusler, known as “Le Rokoko” by local Basel folk.

Rudolf Schiesser originally had another branch but the current confiserie has an alluring chocolatier appeal. The highlight of the show is of course the chocolate pralines. One of the best in the country by far. They also serve delicious wines and have a strong coffee offering.  

The staff in fact reflect the commitment of upholding tradition and much like the pastries themselves as as they are courteous and friendly.

Praying for pralines

pralines cafe Schiesser

Most importantly, the furnishings and décor are major focal point as you drink delicious coffee (or wine) and feast on their delicious pastries and pralines.

The atmosphere is both modern and traditional since the chocolate shop has a modern face of the brand and the café itself, which is decked with wooden crown mouldings, furniture with green upholstery and velvet curtains. This warm atmosphere inspired by a Viennese coffee house is what makes this place unique.

Finally, the café essentially embodies what we believe is a true traditional spirit here at ECAL. Historic preservation, delicious cultural culinary icons and the magic in its walls are what make Confiserie Schiesser so unique.

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