Best historical café in Stockholm: Vette-Katten

Best historical cafe Stockholm
Best Historical cafe Stockholm
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They called themselves one of Stockholm’s only remaining authentic patisseries. Vette-Katen was founded in 1928 by Ester Nordhammar, a feminist and progressive woman for her time. In those days, women had only acquired the right to vote a few years prior and setting up a bakery on your own as a woman was unheard of. At CAFÉ ECAL we value the the message and historic courage associated to Vete-Katten as the best historical café in Stockholm and are glad to highlight its history and gastronomic hits.

A feminist founder

The founder, Ester was 42 years old at the time and had barely any experience with baking or had frequented them. That didn’t stop her from having a briht vision of running a café that served beautifully decorated patisserie at the highest quality. The name of the café came from her whit and sense of humor. It steaps from the Swedish words “the cat knows” but has the word play which transformed into the “wheat cat”.

Ester also sought to exclusively employ young women, a real innovator in shattering norms of that time as her partner, Anna Skog helped her drive that mission forward. Skog looked after production until she left and Ester ran the café entirely on her own. She delivered on providing exclusive pastry, service and consistency until 1961 when she passed on.

Carrying on tradition

Her four employees inherited the café as two stayed on until 1979 when the Vete-Katten was sold. The café once again changed hands in 2012 to master pastry chef Johan Sandelin. The experienced chef has worked in the industry sine 1997 and is deeply committed to preserving the essence of the café and its history.

Best historical cafe stockholm
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The decor is based on traditional Swedish design with glass mirrored windows displaying the pastries and shiny glass cabinets. The flooring is tiled and streamlined but the lighting has a softer modern touch. Johan Sandelin has taken the pastries to the next level and was crowned Pastry Chef of the Year in 2002 while placing 7th in the Coupe du Monde la Patisserie final for team Sweden.

Today, the shop remains an important part of Swedish patisserie with delicious confections such as the double layer mud cake, the strawberry mazarin and the princess cake. A must-see culinary destination, we thoroughly recommend this Stockholm sweet spot as Stockholm’s best historical café .

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