Best historical café in Sicily – Café Spinatto

Cafe Spinnato historical

Nothing says Italian coffee culture like Sicily’s very own Café Spinatto. Its historical significance is a considerable part of its success as a 145-year-old Caffé that has been running on values of tradition, delicious Sicilian flavour and of course pride.

Historical café in Sicily

Interior cafe spinnato

The Sicilian ethos very much revolves around good food and coffee. The center of social life, coffee shops are places to drink, eat and even do business. In Italy, cafés are so important that they receive the same criteria for rating and ranking like restaurants. Caffe Spinnato was awarded best café in Italy for being a historical landmark with great service, coffee and food.

Sicilian pastries are the main showstopper at Caffe Spinnato. Owner Mario Spinnato is the fifth generation to run the café. This lively character says that “coffee is the heart” of their business. It’s no surprise that Sicilians like strong coffee to match the fierypassion.

Classic coffee blend

The cafés blend of 70% arabic and 30% robusta has long been the winnig formula for this café lovers paradise.They are open from 7am until 2 am every day, 365 days year round. You can also feast on 40 flavours of ice cream while delighting in amond-based pastries from Avola and pistachios from a place called Bronte. The classic granitas are served I the summer and ice cream can be served with their variety of espressos and macchiatos.

The waiters always serve you with elegant and dapper outfits wit ha classic Palermo style. According to the owner, Café Spinnato remains relatively unfrequented by tourists, saying that only 20% of customers are tourists.

We hope to see more places like Café Spinatto , as we thoroughly appreciate it when families pass on their businesses through generations while maintaining tradition, flavour and culture.

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