Best Historical Café in Poland- Jama Michalika

Jama Michalika Exterior

In the historic city of Krakow lies Poland’s best historical café, Jama Machlika. It has survived hundreds of years of turmoil and drastic political change in the narrow street called Floriańska. Founded in 1895, it is dubbed the moust famous art Café where local cabaret began.

Best Historical Café- Michalik’s Cave

Jama Machalika means “Michalik’s cave” , and was named after its founder, Jan Apolinary Michalik. The “cave” came into play since the founder could only afford to work from a dark room in the back with no windows. Today the café is also a bakery where students from the acadmy of fine arts are openly invited to deine and experience the cafés close ties with the Art Nouveau landscape.

The artistic café has a long history of culture, cabaret and intellectual significance. It is a museum of cabart and displays impressive collections of Art Nouveau. The interior reflects an atmosphere of historical culture with the stained glass windows, orginally chandeliers, and tapestries.

A culture renaissance was born

In the same café , the cabaret of “Zielony Balonik” or green baloons was born, which was quite famous and popular at the time. At that time, the culture and spirit of Young Poland was born and the café became a focal point for artistic expression and cultural renaissance.

Jama Michalika café still holds performances and folk music concerts to maintain their special contributino to Polish artistic and musical culture. Their approach is inviting, professional and of course expressing Polish pride and history.

The menu is also something to brag about. Show stoppers like the “wawel” cake, the “Barbakan” and the “Michalik” are all worthy cakes to try an dindulgy. Their cheese cakes are also excellent and are based on a traditional , age-old receipies.

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