Best Historical Café- Grand Café Oslo- it’s all in the wine

Interior Oslo Gran Cafe

The Grand Café Oslo is a timeless epicentre of Culinary culture in Oslo. The best historical café in Norway, it first opened in 1874 during the golden era of literary and artistic expression. Henrik Ibsen would dine at the café and Edvard Munch would swap valuable paintings in return for 100 steak dinners.

Best historical cafe Oslo
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A historical café fit for an artist

The furnishing and restored features are major part of its character. The café features a large mural of the famous patrons that heavily influenced the design and outcome of the café. A large table was once feature in the cafés furnishings and was the favourite of patron Henrik Ibsen. It is now in the Ibsen Museum.

In addition, the café has gorgeous ceiling decorations by Lars Backer, Thonet chairs and the three famous Krohg paintainings featured on the walls. This is combined with modern accents as the design is complete with a relaxed feel and atmosphere.

Best historical Oslo Grand Cafe

Wine cellar of over 16,000 bottles

A major selling point is the vast wine seller which features two chambre séparées, or separate rooms. The smaller room accommodates 10 guests and is tucked away behind the wine shelves. This usually used for intimate gatherings and offers total privacy. The larger room can host a larger party of about 80 people and is often the meeting point for wine courses.

The cella holds an astonishing amount of bottles- over 16,000 can be found in the basement of the restaurant with more than 1500 different types of wine from around the world. The cellar also features appetizers that are paired with the wine.

The above wine cellar level features many Swedesh culinary hits including veal, reindeer steak and elk stew. The cakes are also a culinary focal point as we recommend to try the Kvaefjord cake which is lovely combination of burnt butter a and hazelnuts.

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