Best historical café in Luxembourg- Café Ennert de Steiler

Steiler historical cafe

Luxembourg is known for a lot of very glitzy things that come with being a very posh tax haven. The city has a very old and elaborate history predating Roman times all the way back to 963. In the midst of the old town of Luxembourg is the “Ennert de Steiler”, the best historical café in the city and an important landmark.

The café is nestled in a historical building which was built in 1350 and was coined the oldest pub in Luxembourg city in 1842. In 2013 it was reborn as “The Steiler” as a bar, restaurant and café. Current owners have gone through great lengths to preserve its essence, just the way we like here at Café ECAL.

The owners behind Steiler are quite eclectic. Eternal Tango guitarist Joe Koener run the historical landmark along with his wife Lorraine Hegarty. They are known to be the pillars of Luxembourger night life as a DJ-duo called “The Blondies”.

The owners describe it as “when old meets new”.  While the interior may be preserved, the atmosphere is definitely very modern with frequent events, live bands and DJ’.

It also has 3 floors which are used to dance the night away. The menu is both typically Luxembourgish and international with gourmet burgers and funky salads. Try the Kachkeis Schmier if you like Luxembourgish cheese melted and oozing on bred with mustard. The Paté Schmier is also an excellent local paté.

The crowd at Steiler is as diverse as their owners. Bankers, musicians and tourists can be seen here at all hours of the day. Who said history had to be purely traditional?

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