Best historical café in Ireland-The Brazen Head

brazen head historical cafe

Dublin’s unique historic track record is a phenomenon of its own. Now it has a time capsule in the form of “The Brazen Head”,the best historical café in Ireland. Founded in as early as 1198, it is by far one of the oldest in the world. Although it wasn’t fully functional until later in 1754 as a “Coaching Inn”, it leaves behind a rich legacy and tradition.

The most historical café in Ireland


Located on Bridge Street, Brazen Head started taking on its present form in 1754 but can be traced back to documents dating from 1653. Ads were found from the 1750s that read “ Christopher Quinn of The Brazen Head in Bridge Street has fitted said house with need accommodation and commodious cellars for said business”.

The irish word for Dublin is actually Baile Atha Cliath, and it means “The Town of the Ford of the Reed Hurdles”. This is precisely the area where the pub was erected much before the city got its name. It is also located at the spot that meets the original crossing of the river, where the reed was positioned on the river bed for travelers to go across safely during the low tide.

A revolutionary hub

In 1778 and onwards, Robert Emmet, a famous Irish patrior who rebelled against Brittish was actually a frequenter of the pub. Here he planned “The Rising of 1798”, as the pub became a hub for planning rebellians for the United Irishmen.

The location of the pub was also key to becoming a general information hub due to its proximity to the churches, court houses and of course the quay.

Revolutionary and culinary

Later in 1890, a second pioneer would take another revolutionary stronghold and take refuge in the Brazen Head to evade authorities.Another revolution was planned there in 1916 under the novel leadership of Michael Collins and the the United Irishmen.

In fact, there were full on battles fought outside the pub during the Easter Rising of 1916 and the Civil War of 1922.

International food at Brazen Head

If we step away from the historic background, today it is a key Dublin landmark. The menu encapsulates both international and Irish palates. They offer a wide range of Irish whiskies and also the Irish food staples on the menu from their delicious Atlantic seafood chowder to the decadent beef & Guinness stew. Of course , they also serve fantastic coffee.

Their interior decor is promising and a strong nod to Irish bar design with thick wooden walls, plank-like wooden floors and a very inviting atmosphere.

The Brazen Head remains a Dublin staple for tourists and locals alike. Their commitment to upholding their historical charm is admirable in addition to their diverse menu. At Café ECAL we always appreciate the effort to uphold tradition, which is why we always encourage and support.

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