Best Historical Café in Malta – Caffe Cordina

best historical malta

Malta has become a booming tourist destination in the Mediterranean, attracting an average of 2.6 million tourists a year. The historical significance of the growing country along with a beautiful beach line is what attracts visitors from all over the world. It’s no wonder it also hosts the best historical café of Malta- Caffe Cordina.

Valetta’s best historical cafe

Located in the famed Valetta, Café Crodina is a family-owned business with a robust history and humble beginnings. It was founded in 1837 by Cesare Cordina , a hard working confectioner. The café originally opened in Bormla, but was relocated to Valletta in 1944.

Today, it is nestled in the center of the gorgeous palazzo in Valleta , keeping with its traditional decor. A gorgeous marble winding staircase leads to the tea room and ceilings is just stunning. Classic murals of Italian baroque art cascade along its dome-shaped arch along with golden crown mouldings and a blue chandelier.

The best Maltese pastries

Over time, it has transformed into a restaurant and a gelateria. However, it started gaining traction mainly because of the traditional pastries and confections that are hand-made and in delicious. Malta is known for its Mediterranean and Italian influence which is reflected in the food. The Maltese pastries include Gaghaq Ta’ Ghasel which is a delicious honey ring with tangerine filling.

Another hit is the quarezimal which is an almond-based biscuit shaped into a log. It has a gingerbread taste and just scratches the surface of what you can find at Caffe Cordina. Cakes, tarts and frosty cup cakes can be found there along with delicious coffee brewed to perfection.

The Cordina family continues to run the café successfully as Caffe Cordina has become a landmark spot in and a central historical cafe in Maltese culture.

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