Best Historical Café in Croatia – Lvxor Kavan Café and Restaurant

best historical cafe Croatia

Croatia is known as the site and back drop of historical shoots in popular culture such as Game of Thrones. The city of Split specifically has the tourism to show for its increased popularity. Named after the Egyptian City of Luxor, Café Luxor Kavan in Split is Croatia’s best historical café.

Croatia’s best historical café since 305 A.D.

Interior best historical Luxor cafe

Its name stems from the mystical Egyptian city of Luxor . The emperor Dioclient had a major fascination with Egyptian mystical creatures like the Sphinx and had sculptures of them imported to the giant palace he built on the Adriatic sea, or today’s Luxor Kavan.

Historically, the café and restaurant dates all the way back to 305 A.D. It has a very well preserved sphinx statue , one of 36 which were originally brought to the palace grounds.  A clear theme tracing back to the café’s original Egyptian roots are found in the Markings on the floor. They indicate the location of the temple which was dedicated to Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

Home of the spinx

Sphinx cafe luxor

Roman Gothic influences can be seen in the pristine decor and palace luxury atmosphere. One of the most famous, George of Dalmatia heavily influenced the renovation of Luxor. Later, Josip Kodl , an architect from Prague had restored the café into what it looks like today.

Located in the Peristyle Square, the café used to be at the heart of everything going on in the city. It became very popular with nobles and elites from families like Grisogono and Cipiko. It also became the place that launched the career of Split-born artist Peetar Grimani.

The cakes are known to be fantastic in both their appearance and taste. The menu includes classic Croatia and Mediterranean cuisine. Go to this palace of café to step into a pharaoh’s shoes (or sandals) and enjoy your journey through time.

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