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The region of Mytilene in Greece has yet another accolade to add to its cultural history. A combination of flavors, coffee and history makes this choice is easy for us at ECAL. Thes best historical café in Greece goes to Café Ermis, which is Greek for the God Hermes. Founded in 1800 , it has been  a cultural meeting point for authors, musicians and the basis for a dynamic Greek society.

Best historical cafe on a Greek island

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Café Ermis is a reflection fo the local island culture and history through its Café Museium. Established in the city of in Mytilene, Lesvos in 1922 when it was purchased by Greek owners George Spanoudakis.

George would arrive on the island after the Asia Minor Catstrophe as his brother joined him in the same business. Together, they owned two more traditionals Cafes in the region.  

Antiquity in a cup

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Spanoudakis would eventually open the café and named it the “club-café” while abiding to the traditional menu of shishas, tea and beverages written in Greek and Arabic.The menu has survived to this day

Its gallant interiors resemble the abode of a sultan with large ceiling tall mirrors, velvet curtains, gold crown moldings and frames, in addition to the many paintings and art. The Décore came from the roots of Spanoudakis in Anatolia.

Today, the decore continues to thrill visitors as current owner Eririni Laksari, the great granddaughter of Georgios Spanoudakis continues to preserve tradition. She offers dishes that her great-grandmothers made like Soutzoukakia Smyrneika, Kftedakia, octopus and squid and much more.

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