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German is one of the countries that imports the most coffee as 4.5 kilograms of roast coffee is consumed per person. The best historical café in Germany, Café Prinzess has a strong legacy to uphold for the many locals and tourists who come to soak-in the nostalgia.

This trend is heavily influenced by the history of German coffee culture. The efforts of local spots like Café Prinzess to uphold traditional brewing methods and appreciation for the art of coffee are significant.

The historical café background

The historical background associated to Café Prinzess is one deeply embedded in German culture. At the time, coffee was steadily makes its way from Ethiopia and Yemen to Egypt and then Europe through Venetian traders on the silk road.

Throughout history, coffee arrived in Germany in 1670 after and thus launched the coffee drinking trend for the German speaking world. Vienna started consuming the drink in 1683, then Regensburg and Hamburg soon afterwards it arrived to Berlin in 1721.

The jewel of Regensburg

Later on, it was actually the French merchants that ended up bringing coffee to Regensburg and soon afterwards café Prinzess was opened in 1686. One of the oldest cafés in Europe, the city was the centre of essential political power, elites and ambassadors of the West. A highly cultured and educated crowd would frequent the café.

The café was positioned in front of old town hall, another monument of historical significance. Through time the café was preserved as the its defined wooden panelling behind the display windows reflect its roots. The Prinzess changed owners through time, yet the Ghiblan family was a patron that renovated the café and kept it alive between 1953 and 1985.

Pastries from the past


The highlight of the café is in the huge selection of pastries that reflect traditional German baking and confectionery heritage. The Bee Sting or Bienenstrich cake is a crowd favourite. The crunch on top and fluffy cream feeling is what gives it that sting. If you want to catch a classic German strudel, this is also the best place to do so.

Finally, to be deemed the best historical café in Germany is no easy feat. We believe that Café Prinzess is a worthy competitor that stands behind its tradition while embracing the new and making sure to stay authentic every step of the way.

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