Best Historical Café in Copehnhagen- Café Conditori La Glace

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Our best historical cafés reviews could not be complete without Café Conditori La Glace, Cophenhagen’s own confectionary coffee heaven. It was founded in 1970 and has remained a Danish culinary focal point for 6 generations.

Located in Skoubogade number 3, the preserved antique style of the café is in no way taken for granted. Traditional pastry, history and good service is to be expected from this historic gem. The interior have a traditional old world feel as staff wear formal shirts and suspenders. The interior is a combination of soft Terracotta colours, brass lighting and copper lined shelves for the ultimate pastry display.

La Glace Helsinki Sports Cake
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The most impressive part is the wide variety of cakes. The scrumptious and delicate nature of the pastries is also a highlight. The start of the show would be the sportskagen or the “sports cake” made of crushed nougat, whipped cream and a base of macarons. It actually premiered on the 18th of November 1891 at Folketeatret on Nørregade. It costs about Dkk. 62 per piece, which is equivalent to $8 USD.

Another classic on the menu is the mille-feuille and the hot chocolate. The reviews rave about the gorgeous richness of the hot chocolate and the delicate pastry balance of the mille-feuille, a layered baked pastry which is fluffy and delicious.

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