Best Historical Café in Amsterdam- Café Hoppe

Cafe Hoppe

The historically significant Café Hoppe is the best historical café in Amsterdam. Located on the Spui square, it was established in 1670. One of the oldest cafés we have reviewed here on ECAL, Café Hoppe is the centre of many major visitors including the abdicated Queen Beatrix.

Cafe Hoppe Exterior

Legends and icons from the city have been frequenting the café over the course of time including the Salvation Army’s legendary Major Boshart an Heineken brewer Freddy Heineken.

Two rooms, one café history

Today, the café is divided into two rooms – number 18 is a national monument due to the unchanged interior and exterior. Ancient liqueur barrels can be seen behind the bar. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that number 20 room was build, which became an incorporated hotel and restaurant.

Cafe Hoppe interior
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During the 1930s, new ownership by Harry Mustert was the start of a new era bringing into a more modern period. The current name was given to the café and no.18 and no.20- were joined together with a doorway. The unit essentially shut down the hotel and it became one big space.

Now there is the “sitting” Hoppe at no.20 and the “standing” Hoppe at no.18 for quicker take away orders.

Preserving Dutch history

The café prides itself on the diverse and loyal crowd they attract and the level of professionals they hire. Their staff behind the bar have been with them for over 20 years as guests can always recognise a familiar face.

 The wooden floors and bar panelling are what make the atmosphere so unique. The bar has a signature Dutch traditional look while the restaurant is a touch more modern but still keeping within a similar atmosphere.

The house wines are prize winning achievements that we would recommend along with their classic Dutch culinary menu.

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